Quilting Dillema – Update!!! Its Finished.




At the very beginning of January I included in my New Year post a little info about a quilt-a-long I’ve decided to join.  My entry is due on February 14th.

I started narrowing down fabric selections and project types back in December.  One of my goals for this quilt along was to make use of what I already had.  No more fabric purchases(we will see how long that lasts).  Another goal was to have whatever I make stand out, I wanted it to be different and have my own personal spin on it.    I also wanted to make something that would be either useful in my home or well loved… or maybe both would be nice.

I made a list to narrow things down. It read something like this:
1. a sewing machine cover (pinterest has some super sweet ones)
2. a mini quilt/doll quilt for my son
3. a picnic quilt with matching wine bottle cover, or a fabric storage bin cover.

The picnic and wine cover were going to have to wait for a bit, my last big project was going on simultaneously and took up too much space. I do most of my work off of the dining room table.

The fabric storage bin would require some type of interfacing and I am fresh out. Bummer.

I’ve decided to use a specific fabric for the day I make that sewing machine cover and it won’t go with the mosaic tiles pattern, so that’s out of the picture for now.

If you haven’t already figured it out, the doll quilt for my littlest guy is the winner!



For the backing and the binding I decided to hand embroider a quilt label. I added a quote by Winnie the Pooh.


For me, its never the sewing that takes too long. Its the planning process. I must go through 100 possibilities before I finally choose. Then I second guess myself. The good thing I like about blogging is once I’ve posted my project I now have to finish it! Motivation.

Would you like to get in on the mosaic tiles quilt along? Just click on the button below. There’s still time.

Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along

Have a lovely week.


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