Beautiful Thrift

“I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket…”  I’m pretty sure that song was written for me.

If you are close to me, I’ve probably dragged you into a thrift store with me once or 300 times. My thought on thrift store shopping is simply this:  why not?  Its cheap, which even if you don’t necessarily need something to be cheaper (and who doesn’t?).


(Green bench I purchased and painted/distressed)

It does take time. That can be a turn off I know. You can’t expect to find exactly what you are looking for every day. But if you’re patient you can find some nice items.  In fact I’ve pretty much furnished most of my house with thrift store/estate finds.  I can’t stand the thought of letting something perfectly good and useful go into the trash.  Most things are still useful, some just need a little life added to them.

I think a lot of people miss out on the comfort of a cozy place because they don’t want to spend/ or have the money to spend on all the stuff they feel they’d need to make it theirs.  Here I’m going to show you what is possible with just a few main pieces and the rest thrift store finds.


Clockwise:  1) Vintage tin (silver) pitcher- 50 cents at a yard sale.  2) Mid century modern side tables- $7.00 for the pair.  3) Headboard- Free, someone was giving it away.  4) 3 square Ikea mirrors- thrifted @ $2.00 total.  5) Throw pillows, $3.75 each.  6) Ikea Duvet Cover- thrifted @ $16.00.  7) Faux suede ottomon- $36 (closeout)…

Honorable mentions:  My curtains are also thrifted and both our bedroom closets (we have his/her closets) I’ve used thrifted sheer curtains in place of closet doors.  The little red jewelry box was also a thrift store find.  Both dressers were hand me downs and just updated with a coat of paint.



So there you have it, a thrifted bedroom under $75.


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