Dragons and Peacocks

I am very happy to announce my most recent custom duvet is complete and ready for shipping.  This one was a lot of fun but completely custom.  I was given a photo to go off of for inspiration and off I went.  It took a bit of time to narrow the fabric choice down to a print called “peacocks and dragons” by a designer named kociara at spoonflower.com.  If interested be sure to check out the link.  Spoonflower has an awesome selection and a humbling amount of fabulous designers.  I will say this though, if you do place an order allow yourself time for the printing and delivery process.  It didn’t take too long considering its printed after the order is received but I do think I waited a good 3 weeks. 

Experience is invaluable.  I learned a lot from this duvet. 

1.  I learned how to make french seams!  And they looked so professional. If you ever want to make your own duvet or hire someone to make it for you (hint. hint.) I highly recommend incorporating french seams.  There is a really nice tutorial over at design sponge to help you if you wish. 

2.  Buttonholes are not easy so practice!  Practice.  Practice even more.  Then you MAY be able to make one…maybe. 

3.  Always use seam rippers with lots and lots of caution. 

Whew…now that my pep talk and review is over I bring you the inspiration…. Lovely, huh?


My interpretation…





So what do you think? Do you love it? I do.

– S


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