New Year Hopes

Every new year I have a new list of “must do’s” and “want to’s” that I try and accomplish.  This year is no different. In fact, I started my little “to do 2014” back in November of 13′ but that was me trying to be vigilant.  So here goes part of it…

1.  Have projects due that will motivate me to go outside my comfort zone.

I have signed up for the Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along over at  I’m pretty pumped about what the outcome will be.  I have been searching Pinterest for inspiration and going through my fabric stash looking for ideas.  I narrowed it down…

This is what I’ve come up with so far. Stay tuned for the turn out. (More details to follow)

Another thing I’ve done that would fall under this category is I’ve joined a block swap.  I’m waiting to hear about all the details from the people who organize it but I have joined.  I have decided to go through with it.  Check.  Check.

2.  Stay home.

This may seem a bit silly.  In the last few months I realized I have taken on too much.  Not just too much, but too much outside of my home.  I’m currently in the process of scaling back mine and my little guys activities and learning how to NOT feel bad about it.  With us, any more than 2 days outside of home causes everything to spiral into chaos really fast.  I need some peace and for me that means parking the car more and figuring out how to entertain my little guy within the walls of my own home.  Yes, we will still get out for play dates, etc.  But this year, we are staying home more than we are going out.

3.  Eating/Playing

Instead of saying, I’m going to be healthy or I’m going to exercise more, I will just say this… I’m eating my veggies and playing on my bike.  That’s the plan for this year.  No gym goals, no miracle diets.  I’m planning on eating more veggies than normal.  I’m planning on riding my spin bike more than normal which for me is anytime I get on it and start peddling.

My little “list” is a very small portion of what I hope to accomplish/change in the new year that I’ve been blessed with.  My wish for you is that all your hopes come true for 2014.



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