Almost there.

I have been very focused on how cold its been lately.  I almost didn’t even notice that we have less than a week until February, and we all know spring is around the corner from February!  Please! If I’m incorrect don’t tell me.  My next little treasury should help anyone survive the last month(s) of winter.


‘Snuggle Up’ by sharrison35592

Parhelion from Field - limited edition art print of original painting - DannaRay Parhelion from Field – …

Fireplace with book and warm drink at night - PomFreitag Fireplace with book and…

Greeting Card- "An Invincible Summer" - TheHeightofLife Greeting Card- "An…

Spring, Kittens, Farm, Babies, Photo, Print - barblassa Spring, Kittens, Farm, …

Hand Felted Slippers for Everyone. Dark Gray / Light Gray .Size   EU 38-39 ready to ship. - DMpics Hand Felted Slippers fo…

Affectionate Words â�¢ Cuddle Up Buttercup â�¢ 8 x 8 Typography Print - AnneGarrisonStudio Affectionate Words â�¢ …

MADE TO ORDER Gold Polka Dot Porcelain Mug Blue - SilverLiningCeramics MADE TO ORDER Gold Polk…

Puff Mittens Crochet Pattern - CrocheTrend Puff Mittens Crochet Pa…

Pillow - Pendleton Wool Fabric - Native Geometric Cross Contemporary - RobinCottage Pillow – Pendleton Wool…

Vintage Full Quilt Patchwork Full Queen CoMpLETELY HaND StITCHED Diamonds Triangles  from The Back Part of the Basement - TheBackOfTheBasement Vintage Full Quilt Patc…

Felted Canadiana bottle cozy - MisenerKnitz Felted Canadiana bottle…

WAITING for SPRING - Little Girl Illustration by Danita (8x8 inches print) - DanitaArt WAITING for SPRING – Li…


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Stay warm buttercup!


Introducing Treasury Tuesday’s

Tuesday. The day right after Monday.  By the time Tuesday comes along you no longer have any excuse to NOT get on with your week.  Sounds pretty drab doesn’t it?  That’s why I’m going to help you out.  Every tuesday I’m featuring a sweet little Etsy treasury for you to feast your eyes on.  You’re very welcome!


‘Orange and Aqua’ by bjswearableart

Group 13 for Promo Oasis Treasuries
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Orange Lilly Flower Birthday Card, clipart, scrapbooking, invitations, party, printables - DigiDoodleShop Orange Lilly Flower Bir…

Lenox Blue Tree 5 piece Place Setting Great, Lenox Black  backstamp, Gold trim - ChinaGalore Lenox Blue Tree 5 piece…

Bionic Rapture Organic Pink Cotton Maxi Dress with Hood and Gold Accents - SinuousByEmily Bionic Rapture Organic …

Teal. Blue, Aqua, Tiffany Blue - Home Decor - Wedding Decor - Vase - Painted Mason Jars - Office Decor - Kitchen Decor - Bathroom Decoration - Lavenderandash Teal. Blue, Aqua, Tiffa…

beach pillow,18x18 or 22x22 cotton pillow "Sandy toes and salty kisses", typography, quote, aqua home decor,throw pillow,cushion,turquoise - VintageChicImages beach pillow,18×18 or 2…

Victorian Rose Earrings Made in West Germany c1940 - myabbiesattic Victorian Rose Earrings…

Heart Ring Dish - Teal Home Decor - Teal Wedding Favors - Ceramics and Pottery - PotteryLodge Heart Ring Dish – Teal …

Ruffle Scarf - Skidaddles101 Ruffle Scarf

Autumn Landscape Photograph rust burnt umber sienna golden fall grasses home decor chestnut - FirstLightPhoto Autumn Landscape Photog…

Modern Rustic Art - Nature Photography 4x6 Print Aqua Blue Yellow : Fall Autumn Home Decor Gifts for Him - BlackBranches Modern Rustic Art – Nat…

Oxidized Metal Strand  - Wire Wrapped Beads Charm Pendant- Mixed Metal Strand - BEADEDNECKLACESHOPPE Oxidized Metal Strand  …

bathroom wall art, photos seashells, pastel home decor, 8x8 - artfulnotions bathroom wall art, phot…

Antiqued Teal Wood Candlesticks, 6 3/4, 9, or 11 inches, you choose the size - TheBrokenHouse Antiqued Teal Wood Cand…

Brown, Burnt Orange, Sienna Tribal Art Wooden Plate - AnniesHive Brown, Burnt Orange, Si…

Pushpins, Push Pins,Thumbtacks, Thumb Tacks, Chevron,Chevron Pushpins, Home Decor, Decorative Push Pins,Aqua Chevron, Ready to Ship - TheDoveTree Pushpins, Push Pins,Thu…

Burnt Sienna Earring Holder - barbpots Burnt Sienna Earring Ho…


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Quilting Dillema – Update!!! Its Finished.




At the very beginning of January I included in my New Year post a little info about a quilt-a-long I’ve decided to join.  My entry is due on February 14th.

I started narrowing down fabric selections and project types back in December.  One of my goals for this quilt along was to make use of what I already had.  No more fabric purchases(we will see how long that lasts).  Another goal was to have whatever I make stand out, I wanted it to be different and have my own personal spin on it.    I also wanted to make something that would be either useful in my home or well loved… or maybe both would be nice.

I made a list to narrow things down. It read something like this:
1. a sewing machine cover (pinterest has some super sweet ones)
2. a mini quilt/doll quilt for my son
3. a picnic quilt with matching wine bottle cover, or a fabric storage bin cover.

The picnic and wine cover were going to have to wait for a bit, my last big project was going on simultaneously and took up too much space. I do most of my work off of the dining room table.

The fabric storage bin would require some type of interfacing and I am fresh out. Bummer.

I’ve decided to use a specific fabric for the day I make that sewing machine cover and it won’t go with the mosaic tiles pattern, so that’s out of the picture for now.

If you haven’t already figured it out, the doll quilt for my littlest guy is the winner!



For the backing and the binding I decided to hand embroider a quilt label. I added a quote by Winnie the Pooh.


For me, its never the sewing that takes too long. Its the planning process. I must go through 100 possibilities before I finally choose. Then I second guess myself. The good thing I like about blogging is once I’ve posted my project I now have to finish it! Motivation.

Would you like to get in on the mosaic tiles quilt along? Just click on the button below. There’s still time.

Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along

Have a lovely week.

Beautiful Thrift

“I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket…”  I’m pretty sure that song was written for me.

If you are close to me, I’ve probably dragged you into a thrift store with me once or 300 times. My thought on thrift store shopping is simply this:  why not?  Its cheap, which even if you don’t necessarily need something to be cheaper (and who doesn’t?).


(Green bench I purchased and painted/distressed)

It does take time. That can be a turn off I know. You can’t expect to find exactly what you are looking for every day. But if you’re patient you can find some nice items.  In fact I’ve pretty much furnished most of my house with thrift store/estate finds.  I can’t stand the thought of letting something perfectly good and useful go into the trash.  Most things are still useful, some just need a little life added to them.

I think a lot of people miss out on the comfort of a cozy place because they don’t want to spend/ or have the money to spend on all the stuff they feel they’d need to make it theirs.  Here I’m going to show you what is possible with just a few main pieces and the rest thrift store finds.


Clockwise:  1) Vintage tin (silver) pitcher- 50 cents at a yard sale.  2) Mid century modern side tables- $7.00 for the pair.  3) Headboard- Free, someone was giving it away.  4) 3 square Ikea mirrors- thrifted @ $2.00 total.  5) Throw pillows, $3.75 each.  6) Ikea Duvet Cover- thrifted @ $16.00.  7) Faux suede ottomon- $36 (closeout)…

Honorable mentions:  My curtains are also thrifted and both our bedroom closets (we have his/her closets) I’ve used thrifted sheer curtains in place of closet doors.  The little red jewelry box was also a thrift store find.  Both dressers were hand me downs and just updated with a coat of paint.



So there you have it, a thrifted bedroom under $75.

Dragons and Peacocks

I am very happy to announce my most recent custom duvet is complete and ready for shipping.  This one was a lot of fun but completely custom.  I was given a photo to go off of for inspiration and off I went.  It took a bit of time to narrow the fabric choice down to a print called “peacocks and dragons” by a designer named kociara at  If interested be sure to check out the link.  Spoonflower has an awesome selection and a humbling amount of fabulous designers.  I will say this though, if you do place an order allow yourself time for the printing and delivery process.  It didn’t take too long considering its printed after the order is received but I do think I waited a good 3 weeks. 

Experience is invaluable.  I learned a lot from this duvet. 

1.  I learned how to make french seams!  And they looked so professional. If you ever want to make your own duvet or hire someone to make it for you (hint. hint.) I highly recommend incorporating french seams.  There is a really nice tutorial over at design sponge to help you if you wish. 

2.  Buttonholes are not easy so practice!  Practice.  Practice even more.  Then you MAY be able to make one…maybe. 

3.  Always use seam rippers with lots and lots of caution. 

Whew…now that my pep talk and review is over I bring you the inspiration…. Lovely, huh?


My interpretation…





So what do you think? Do you love it? I do.

– S

New Year Hopes

Every new year I have a new list of “must do’s” and “want to’s” that I try and accomplish.  This year is no different. In fact, I started my little “to do 2014” back in November of 13′ but that was me trying to be vigilant.  So here goes part of it…

1.  Have projects due that will motivate me to go outside my comfort zone.

I have signed up for the Mosaic Tiles Quilt Along over at  I’m pretty pumped about what the outcome will be.  I have been searching Pinterest for inspiration and going through my fabric stash looking for ideas.  I narrowed it down…

This is what I’ve come up with so far. Stay tuned for the turn out. (More details to follow)

Another thing I’ve done that would fall under this category is I’ve joined a block swap.  I’m waiting to hear about all the details from the people who organize it but I have joined.  I have decided to go through with it.  Check.  Check.

2.  Stay home.

This may seem a bit silly.  In the last few months I realized I have taken on too much.  Not just too much, but too much outside of my home.  I’m currently in the process of scaling back mine and my little guys activities and learning how to NOT feel bad about it.  With us, any more than 2 days outside of home causes everything to spiral into chaos really fast.  I need some peace and for me that means parking the car more and figuring out how to entertain my little guy within the walls of my own home.  Yes, we will still get out for play dates, etc.  But this year, we are staying home more than we are going out.

3.  Eating/Playing

Instead of saying, I’m going to be healthy or I’m going to exercise more, I will just say this… I’m eating my veggies and playing on my bike.  That’s the plan for this year.  No gym goals, no miracle diets.  I’m planning on eating more veggies than normal.  I’m planning on riding my spin bike more than normal which for me is anytime I get on it and start peddling.

My little “list” is a very small portion of what I hope to accomplish/change in the new year that I’ve been blessed with.  My wish for you is that all your hopes come true for 2014.


Honeybees and tiny flowers

This queen sized beauty was made up of such sweet and funky fabrics.  I used a lovely bee print from Robert Kaufman and a nice little black and white floral for definition.  The backing is a vintage ivory and green floral print with a matching pillowcase pair.  This duvet is lovely and currently for sell in my shop.